Syria Radio Stations

Al Madina FM 100.5Al Madina FM 100.5

Syria / Adult Contemporary / Pop music / Electronic-Dance

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Al Madina FM 101.5Al Madina FM 101.5

Syria / Pop music / Adult Contemporary / Electronic-Dance

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Arabesque FM 102.3Arabesque FM 102.3

Syria / Arabic / Electronic-Dance

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Mix FM Syria 105.7Mix FM Syria 105.7

Syria / Pop music

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Radio Damascus 88.7Radio Damascus 88.7

Syria / Arabic / Variety

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Rotana Style FM 105.0Rotana Style FM 105.0

Syria / Adult Contemporary / Pop music

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With great joy we would like to present to you Rotana Style ! A radio station built on creative methods, multifarious coverage of cultural, educational, social and star news,and just absolute entertainment! Our radio is built on a sense of unique set of values and a mission to broaden our listener’s horizons!

Sham FM 92.3Sham FM 92.3

Syria / Arabic / Pop music

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اذاعة شام اف ام الاذاعة السورية , طرب تراث زياد الرحباني فيروزيات اغاني مطربين , و اكثر

Sham FM 95.3Sham FM 95.3

Syria / Pop music / Arabic

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Syria Alghad 104.2Syria Alghad 104.2

Syria / Arabic / Pop music

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Voice of the RepublicVoice of the Republic

Syria / Arabic

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No Breaks, No Ads is the theme of Voice of the Republic. The radio has lots of engaging radio programs for their listeners around the country. They are live 24 hours and has got various kinds of programs for the whole day without distracting advertisement.