1.FM Destination: SPA Radio1.FM Destination: SPA Radio

United States / Easy Listening

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1.FM's relaxation channel plays only soft, chilled tunes, always perfect for meditation, a rest of the mind and the body, the spirit and the senses. Treat yourself with a vacation through your ears – the sound of serenity on Destination Spa is bound to have you relaxed and peaceful in no time, any time of day, any day of the year.

1.FM Disco Ball 70's-80's Radio1.FM Disco Ball 70's-80's Radio

United States / 80's / Disco / 70's

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Turn off the lights, turn on the disco ball! 1.FM’s Disco Ball 70s & 80s is a non-stop party taking you back to the days of Disco, with all the glitz and glamour associated with disco fashion and culture. So put on your dancing shoes and be groovy!

1.FM Eternal Praise And Worship Radio1.FM Eternal Praise And Worship Radio

United States / Religious / Christian Rock

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1. FM's Eternal Praise and worship is all about faith, bringing you only Religious and Christian Rock 24/7. Coming to you from all over America, the best rock artists and tracks in the spirit of the church are played on Eternal Praise & Worship non-stop.

1.FM Fashion TV Radio1.FM Fashion TV Radio

United States / Variety / Electronic-Dance / House

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Fashion TV’s world famous online radio station - exclusively on 1.FM. The style, the chic, the DJs, the mode, the magazines, the producers, the catwalks, and the remixes. The models, the photographers and photo shoots, the sets, the designers and fashion weeks from all over the world… all together in one radio station designed to keep the style alive. With a knack for It girlz, fashion icons, and style muses, Fashion TV Radio is the perfect accessory for the ears of the true fashionista.

1.FM Funky Express Radio1.FM Funky Express Radio

United States / Soul music / 80's / 70's / 60's

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Mid 60's! The afro-american musicians won the streets and the radios with a surefire recipe that blended Soul, Jazz and R&B. With all this musical history, presents Funky Express, a station which takes you on a journey without return through the greatest sounds which marked the 60's, 70's and 80's. Start the playrec of you Boombox: Funky Express, the Best of Groove and Soul 24/7 on air.

1.FM High Voltage Radio1.FM High Voltage Radio

United States / Rock / Metal

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1. FM’s House of Hardcore slashes its listeners with grindcore, thrash metal, Death metal, industrial metal, Black Growling and all other heavy sub-genres – including official releases as well as flocks of indie artists and recordings from around the world. Easily the most powerful, brutal channel on our scale, High Voltage is your high-volume outlet.

1.FM Italia On Air Radio1.FM Italia On Air Radio

United States / World / Italian

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1.FM Italia On Air is a non stop italian music radio . In Italia On Air we play all kind of music: the soft songs that make you dream and the songs that give you energy and put your batteries on! We play the most popular songs from today and also unforgettable songs from the past.You are going to find different kind of music in one place: ballads, rock, pop, rap and classics from the best italian artists.This radio wants to satisfy your preferences and become YOUR radio!

1.FM Jamz Radio1.FM Jamz Radio

United States / Hip Hop / R&B / Rap

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1.FM Jamz is Urban Internet Radio’s most interactive and diverse network, blazing non-stop Hip-Hop and R&B 24/7/365. We give our listeners fresh music, outstanding shows and exceptional DJ’s. With the hardest working staff in internet radio, 1.FM Jamz consistently proves that it is the internet’s #1 urban music station. Check out the upcoming shows box below for more music

1.FM Kids FM Radio1.FM Kids FM Radio

United States / Children's Music

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Mom and know that time of the day you wish your kid could listen to something different, which educates while having fun? Thinking of all that, 1.FM has created Kids FM, which is born with the following DNA: a special programming for the kids with Brazilian musics from all times, full of history and magic in its lyrics and melodies.

1.FM Love Classics Radio1.FM Love Classics Radio

United States / Love Songs / Classic Hits

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Loving the wrong girl ... Loose the love of your life ... Remember a great moment of love ...There was a time in the international music scene where love was written and sang in thousands of letters by several artists. The mission of 1.FM Radio Love Classics is to rescue those great moments together with the listener and reach the most beautiful love stories in music shape.

1.FM Magic 80 Radio1.FM Magic 80 Radio

United States / 80's / Hits

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The Radio Magic 80 takes the listeners back to the greatests hits that the world has seen, like for instance, the comeback of John Lennon to the studios. This 1.FM station features the hits of bands that were consolidated in the 80's, like A-ha, U2, The Police e Duran Duran. The programming is also bringing back an era which was marked by the creation of MTV, Hip Hop and Electronic Music as well as the birth of big icons like Michael Jackson, Cher and Madonna.

1.FM MPB Brazilian Popular1.FM MPB Brazilian Popular

United States / Brazilian / MPB

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1.FM’s MPB Brazilian Popular presents a combination of original songwriting and updated versions of traditional Brazilian urban music styles like samba and sambacanção with contemporary influences, like folk, rock, pop and jazz. The MPB is a conteporary trend that continues to produce Brazilian biggest music stars. Here you will be able to listen to Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Vanessa da Mata, Renato Russo, Elis Regina and many other famous singers.

1.FM Otto's Baroque Musick1.FM Otto's Baroque Musick

United States / Classical music / Symphony

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1.FM’s Otto's Baroque Musick is bringing to you the sounds of the baroque era (ca. 1600-1750) for your listening pleasure. You will hear music by some of the greatest composers ever, like JS Bach, Handel, Scarlatti or Telemann. So called minor composers like Geminiani or Sammartini, among others, are well represented and almost all performances are historically informed and/or played on authentic instruments.

1.FM Otto's Classical Musick1.FM Otto's Classical Musick

United States / Classical music / Symphony

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Presenting mostly the classical era (ca. 1750-1820) you have the pleasure to listen to some of the greatest music performed by the best conductors and orchestras. Many performances are also historically informed and we have now included the romantic era to give you even more enjoyment.

1.FM Punch Music Radio1.FM Punch Music Radio

United States / Techno / Electro

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Punch Music Radio is 1.FM's special habitat for all things Techno/ House – from Deep to Acidic, Tech and Electro, never neglecting Tech-House and other sub-genres that tickle our rhythmic spots. Punch's emphasis is on underground sounds and quality beats, bringing you a selection of tracks, sets and mixes of non-stop Club-IDM and indie-EDM aimed for body and spirit alike, 24/7.


1.FM Radio Gaia1.FM Radio Gaia

United States / Easy Listening / New Age

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A blue dot in the universe... seen from space, this is the way our astronauts describe our planet. For millions of years, civilizations have come their way and left their marks. Radio Gaia was born of the understanding on the role each of us has on mother-earth. The Voice of the Planet is in the air. Welcome to this journey to self-understanding.

1.FM ReggaeTrade Radio1.FM ReggaeTrade Radio

United States / Caribbean / Reggae

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The sweet Caribbean sound of Reggae, from Jamaica and around the world, fills 1.FM's AbsoluteReggaeTrade with the genre's giants, delving into Roots classic all the way to the newer, fresh Dancehall sounds. Smooth and relaxing, or sexy and uplifting, spiritual and free or naughtily sophisticated – as long as it's reggae, we got it.

1.FM Rock Classics Radio1.FM Rock Classics Radio

United States / Rock / Classic Rock

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Simple lyrics and an accelerating rhythm. A guitar, the drums and the bass: The Rock is born! Immortal by nature, Rock has gone through several stages during the 60, 70, 80 and 90.The Rock Classics comes with a mission to rescue what is best in international rock, from its chords by Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, the Clash, the Smith, REM, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Oasis, Green Day, and many others. Rock Classics ... No One Rocks Like Us!

1.FM Sertanejo Brazilian Country1.FM Sertanejo Brazilian Country

United States / Pop Latino / Brazilian / Sertanejo Pop

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Directly from the Brazilian countryside, the Radio Sertaneja Hits will bring to 1.FM listeners the most popular music style of the biggest country in South America. From Sertanejo Routs to Romantic and University Sertanejo. You will be able to listen to all your favorite artists - Luan Santana, Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, Leandro and Leonardo, Michel Teló and Munhoz and Mariano, among many others - all available here 24/7.

1.FM Slow Jamz Radio1.FM Slow Jamz Radio

United States / Soul music / Jazz / R&B

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The mid 60s. African American musicians conquered the streets and the radios with a surefire recipe that mixed Soul, Jazz and R & B. A new form of music was born, a strong groove, relentless drums and a stunning electric bass. True Funk Music has spread like a virus and infected a legion of fans, generation after generation.

1.FM Top Fiesta Radio1.FM Top Fiesta Radio

United States / Pop Latino

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Are you party planning and missing a dance song? Are you just looking forward to go dance salsa during the weekend? Well, here in 1.FM FIESTA, we promise you don’t have to go very far to plan or start a celebration. 1.FM FIESTA, includes all Latin party songs that are “IN” in any disco, you will be amused with non-stop fun Latin music. Enjoy all dancing tracks and remember there is always a good reason to celebrate a Party!

1.FM Total Hits En Español Radio1.FM Total Hits En Español Radio

United States / Spanisch Radio / Pop Latino / Hits

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Se habla Español aquí! The hottest and most listened Spanish songs are finally here. Total Hits en Español is the station where you will find the most recent music that just hit the top of the charts in U.S.A, Latin America and Spain. Listen from Latin pop music to reggeaton or bachatas. Only Top 40 songs! Feel the rhythm of Enrique Iglesias or the party mixes of Pitbull. Dale! Tune in and enjoy the latest trends in Latino Music, only here, in 1.FM Total Hits en Español!

1.FM Urban Gospel Radio1.FM Urban Gospel Radio

United States / Gospel

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1.FM’s Gospel is the one station that people around the world listen to live! We cross all language barriers with the way that we praise the Lord DAILY! From choirs to singers and gospel rappers, we are 24 hour/365 days a year Urban Gospel Music!

100 Chill Radio100 Chill Radio

United Kingdom / Jazz / Easy Listening / Chill

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100% Lounge and Chill-out music.

100 DJAY Radio100 DJAY Radio

United Kingdom / Electronic-Dance / House / Electronica

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100% Electro, Dance!!!

100 HIT radio100 HIT radio

United States / Pop music / Euro Hits

16 530 Views Comments

UK, US and Euro Charts top 100 music, 24/7.

100 Jamz 100.3100 Jamz 100.3

Bahamas / Hip Hop / Soul music

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100% Beatles100% Beatles

France / Pop music / Rock / Hits

15 190 Views Comments

All the "fab four" discography but the Paul McCartney , John Lennon and George Harrison's one too. Toute la discographie des "fab four" mais aussi de Paul McCartney , John Lennon et George Harrison.

100% Beatles Radio100% Beatles Radio

United States / Rock / Britpop / Pop Rock / Rock'n'Roll

16 226 Views Comments

All the "fab four" discography but the Paul McCartney , John Lennon and George Harrison's one too. Toute la discographie des "fab four" mais aussi de Paul McCartney , John Lennon et George Harrison.


Italy / Rock / Classic Hits / Classic Rock / Pop Rock

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Only the best of Classic Rock 70's, 80's, 90's.