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The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation is the pioneer electronic media network in Sri Lanka. Recognizing the needs of all social strata, our listener-oriented radio channels play a vital role of facilitator in the development process, while emphasizing the needs of rural communities. Our radio services have gained tremendous popularity ever since the pioneering Dhamma sermons given in Sinhala by the Venerable Pelene Sri Vajiragnana Thero went on air. Over the decades, SLBC has presented a multitude of trailblazing programme series such as 'Kavi Kolaya' 'Kankariya' 'Sabhawen Awasara' 'Pile Padura' 'Thunpath Rata' 'Rangamadala' 'Muwanpelessa' and 'Pibidena Gayaka Parapura' produced in time-tested, classical and creative radio formats including Drama, News, Interviews, Radio magazines, Features, Live updates and many more. It is with immense pride that we see a majority of top Executives, Managers, Decision-makers and Leading media personalities in the industry today, having built their careers on a solid foundation provided by our Radio Training Institute, the first ever in Asia.
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